Vorstellung: Projekt Management Professional (Aviation + Defense + Engineering und technical Services) – bundesweit ( Profil:30560 )

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is H.Z. M., a Jordanian citizen, Former QA Manager/Deputy Program Manager at
AlMontaser Technical Services in Amman, Jordan. And currently working as a Program and Quality Management Consultant at the same company.

I am writing to express my enthusiasm to apply to be part of your team, the challenger that I am is eager for a great experience that will be gained from working at your company

Systems that I have worked with:
Defense application: Surveillance cameras and radars, Renewable power systems, telecommunication, IT
networking and interfacing, self-protection systems, vehicle restructuring, building renovations and Infrastructure constructions.

Aviation: Operational Systems, Building Management Systems, Baggage handling systems, access control system, Fire alarm system, maintenance and Nonconformity Preventive and corrective actions.

Please Note that I am currently working on getting a Job seeker Visa in Germany, which will entitle me to relocate to Germany for 6 months. The initial designated time is May-Oct. 2017. With the requirement of having an interview invitation.

I believe that I can be of an added value to your company, and below in bullets – to make an ease read – are why:

1- I have established a Quality Management system for AlMontaser technical services from Scratch, which involved Organizational Plans, Project Plans, Documentation control and continuous improvement Techniques, including KPIs and risk analysis techniques. As well as being part of the lead team to establish the company’s PMO to plan, lead and control all programs and projects.

2- I have an enriching experience in monitoring and analyzing nonconformities as well as the voice of customer, to understand points of improvements and react accordingly, as well as being a single point of contact with the customer.

3- I have lead 2 big projects (1 Mil + USD, 500K Mil + USD) from A to Z, both of which were delivered within schedule and below budget. as well as handling the duties of the Deputy Program Manager, for two phases of
a mega program budget 100mil+ USD (Jordan Border security Program) which included planning, monitoring and control of the whole program, and directly responsible for reporting, meetings, teleconferences, dealing with subcontractors and participating in assessing vendors and designs. I was also the Pricing lead for more than 6 programs/projects.

4- I already have a Total Quality Management training certification which covers an approach and techniques of a full Quality understanding, including Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Risk assessment, Lean, and Six sigma.

5- I was part of a team in Airport international group to transform the operations from the old airport building to the new building within 24 hours successfully!

6- I am passionate and eager to change management and Project Planning, especially when it comes to Lean Processes and eliminating Wastes.

7- I have obtained my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification since April 2015.

8- I am a certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor.

I hope that my application will find its right place. And hope to hear from you soon.

Profil zum Download: Profil-30560-A


Quelle: Vorstellung: Projekt Management Professional (Aviation + Defense) – bundesweit ( Profil:30560 )

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